7 Days Ginger Weight Loss Slimming Cream for Fat-Burning in Legs and Body


  • Tightening promotes metabolism.
  •  Weight loss, weight loss, body sculpting.
  •  Continuous use can show a slim figure.
  • Improve dull skin, and make skin firm and smooth.
  • Contains a variety of sculpting essences.

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7 Days Ginger Weight Loss Slimming Cream for Fat-Burning in Legs and Body


  • The slimming body cream extracts pure biological essence, without any chemical additives, no side effects.
  • Apply the cream on your body and massage for 20 minutes until it's totally absorbed.
  • Use the natural gastrointestinal motility by the help the body to eliminate residual waste.
  • The product effectively blocks the absorption of grease, sugar, and starch and helps to balance ones' excess appetite.
  • It also helps to eliminate fat and toxic in the body while tightening one's skin.
  • A reliable weight-losing product, helping you recover a healthy, slim, attractive body shape.
  • Actively blocks the uptake of further fats, increases blood circulation, and removes the toxins that have built up in the body.
  • A must-have item for weight loss and body shaping. Great gift for yourself and send it to friends, keep slim.



  • After cleansing the skin, apply an appropriate amount of this product evenly to the area where fat reduction is required.
  •  Massage for a few minutes
  • Massage for 5-10 minutes until the product is absorbed, the massage operation effect is better.

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