Nokia WiFi Beacon 3 Mesh Router System – Intelligent, Seamless Whole Home WiFi Coverage Extender – Connect Your Whole House WiFi Network, Ultra Fast Self-Healing Mesh Router System – Single (1-Pack)

Nokia WiFi Beacon 3 Mesh Router System – Intelligent, Seamless Whole Home WiFi Coverage Extender – Connect Your Whole House WiFi Network, Ultra Fast Self-Healing Mesh Router System – Single (1-Pack)



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Product Description

wi fi wifi boosters for the house smart router parental control hub smart signal booster for home

Wi-Fi that works

Say goodbye to dead zones and video buffering with the Nokia WiFi Beacon 3! The Beacon forms a scalable system to create one seamless, whole home Wi-Fi coverage network. The Nokia WiFi Beacon 3 extends the whole home Wi-Fi experience for broadband subscribers providing seamless roaming without any disruption from every corner in your home. Expand your coverage by adding additional Nokia 3 Beacons to create a whole home coverage mesh network backhauled by either wired Ethernet or Wi-Fi {2.4GHz or 5GHz) to ensure flawless roaming for mobile users.

Simple Installation

Spend less time worrying about setup with Nokia WiFi. From the packaging through to setup, Nokia designed a streamlined process so you can enjoy sharing and watching your online content faster.

Nokia WiFI App

Put the power of your network in your hands. See how to optimize your device connections in real time. Enable or disable internet access on your kid’s devices when they need a break. Quickly share your network with friends without exposing your personal data.

Home Portal

The most cutting edge technologies to manage your network. Visualize everything from your network topology, to interference sources impacting your network, to live traffic consumption for each device.

Real-time spectrum analysis detects up to 17 interference sources {Bluetooth speakers, microwaves, cordless phones, etc.).
Machine learning is used to understand the unique technical and usage characteristics of every device in order to provide the optimal connection to each.
Nokia WiFi is self-healing {re-routing in under 0.5 seconds), self-optimizing {dynamic path selection), and self-organizing (plug and play). It automatically detects and resolves connectivity issues before customers are even aware of them, which means a lot less headaches and a lot more productivity.

100% Interference Detection

Our dedicated antenna detects 100% of interference sources (Wi-Fi and non Wi-Fi) in real time.

60% Better Performance*

Our channel Al engine monitors and learns about your network. It then automatically selects the most optimal channel and band.

500 ms Traffic Routing**

Our mesh network finds the best path to send data in as fast as 500 ms.

nokia beacon 3 router wifi wi-fi whole home mesh router system

WiFi Made Simple

nokia wifi mesh router beacon access point

nokia beacin 3 modern design aesthetic for home office

nokia wifi app for apple android network

Wi-Fi made for the world you live in

In real time, the Nokia WiFi Beacon 3 will circumvent neighboring Wi-Fi and non Wi-Fi interferences by steering your network to the best channel.

Traffic flows from any access point to any other without passing through a central gateway.

The network reroutes your traffic past any problems in as little as 500 ms!

Designed for performance

The dedicated antenna detects 100% of interference sources in real time. The channel Al learns about your network to automatically select the channel and band that delivers the best performance.

Enjoy a detailed view of your network and manage devices, guest access and security from a mobile app and intuitive web GUI.

Get the Nokia WiFi app

Enables quick set-up to get you up and running. Enjoy zero-touch on-boarding to ensure the quickest setup. Nokia Wi-Fi works easily with your existing ISP and equipment.

New Beacon 3 units are easily added to the network in minutes to deliver maximum coverage for small, medium or large homes.

nokia beacon mesh system wifi router home size

WiFi Made Simple

nokia rear ports wan wifi wi-fi lan ethernet mobile or wireless

nokia bedroom kitchen office wifi mesh router system design wi-fi

nokia beacon 3 wifi router mesh system for whole home wifi wireless environment network

Flexible, Expandable Connectivity

The Nokia WiFi Beacon 3 functions either as a wireless router or beacon in a mesh network. Connect your mobile and/or loT devices wirelessly or through direct 10/100/1000 Base-T interface Ethernet ports.

A unique machine learning algorithm creates a fingerprint for every connected device and optimizes the connection for each.

Sleek, Modern Design Aesthetic

The clean lines, gloss white finish and intuitive glowing hues of the Beacon 3 unit allow it to blend seamlessly into your home design.

From the bedroom to the kitchen to the home office and more, the Beacon 3 offers ultra-fast Wi­Fi wherever you need it most

Spectrum Analyzer

Automatically scans your wireless environment for interference sources (Wi-Fi and non Wi-Fi) that impacts your Wi-Fi performance and automatically optimizes your network to ensure the best performance.

The only network technology driven by concurrent 3×3 2.4GHz and 4×4 5GHz!

Your Space

Small Home / Apartment

Medium Home

Large Home

Estimated Square Footage Covered

Up to 2000 sq ft

2000 – 4000 sq ft

Up to 6000 sq ft

Home / Apt. Layout

1 level

1 – 2 levels

2+ levels

802.11 k/v Dual-Band Wi-Fi

Mobile App

High Performance Wi-Fi For Your Whole Home – This is NOT your average wifi mesh network or internet extender. The Nokia Beacon 3 is a next generation wifi mesh network system delivering blazing fast internet speed and real-time optimization.
Intelligent, Real-Time Mesh Network – The intelligent, self-organizing, self-healing mesh system provides real-time access by re-routing your device data past any network problems in as little as 500ms to offer maximum internet speed and performance.
Say goodbye to DEAD ZONES! Secure, fast coverage can be expanded at any time by installing additional Wi-Fi beacons to ensure flawless, room-to-room roaming and point to point wireless for mobile users.
Easy Mobile App – Manage multiple mobile devices, computers and smart IoT accessories like speakers, TVs. Control and share your wifi access at the touch of your fingertips. App available on the Apple Store or Google Play markets.
Easy Installation – Enjoy plug and play setup in minutes, whether adding your first beacon or expanding your mesh wifi system with additional units. NOTE: The layout and construction of your home may affect the estimated coverage shown below.


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