XPRIT Oit’sme Smart Deadbolt Door Lock – Silver

XPRIT Oit’sme Smart Deadbolt Door Lock – Silver



Price: $99.95
(as of Dec 16,2019 17:27:00 UTC – Details)

Scan the QR code on the box to download the oitsme app (iOS8 or above, Android 4.4 or above)
Please confirm the type of lock on your door and check whether it can be installed. Only compatible with some traditional mechanical locks.
In the unlikely event that you lose your mobile device, please install the app on another device. You can delete the key after logging on.
The device is an electronic door lock product, please carry a backup original key in case of emergency to open the door manually.
The built-in 1500mAh lithium battery can be directly charged by using your mobile phone charger and Micro USB cable. It can be used continuously for up to 6 months in one single charge of 4hrs.

EASY INSTALLATION: The smart lock is compatible with most traditional American, Japanese and European locks. It is compatible with most room door locks, office standard locks and main entry door locks. Installation can be completed within 10-30 minutes. Simply follow the easy steps shown in the video.
SHARE KEY ACCESS: Easily share access with your family and friends. If you are not present and you would like to grant access to a friend or family member, you can simply share a temporary or an unlimited key access via the Oit’sme App. The additional user will also need to download the app onto their mobile device. If you no longer desire to share access, you can also cancel the authorization at any time.
APP ACCESSIBILITY: To to get started simply scan the QR code on the box to download the Oit’sme app. The app is compatible with iOS8 and above, as well as Android 4.4 and above. The smart lock will connect to the app via bluetooth. Multiple smartphones may be connected to the smart lock. Make sure you Install the lock before using the app on your mobile device.
KEYLESS AND REMOTE CONTROL: This smart lock is connected to your smartphone via bluetooth and operated with the Oit’sme App. You no longer need to worry about using your key for your lock any more. Although, we recommend to keep it in a safe place in case the smart lock’s battery dies, you can then unlock manually with the original key. You can unlock it from any place within 10 meters (32 feet) from your mobile device.
BATTERY LIFE: A built in 1500mAh lithium battery will keep your smart lock charged up to 6 months. Easily keep track of the battery life. You can view the smart locks’ battery life via the Oit’sme app main screen. Once the charge has reached less than 20%, the lock will sound an alarm to let you know it is time to charge. The synced mobile phone will also display the current remaining power of the lock in real time.


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